Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 095 (✋ MMO 👉 Diablo)

We played some Lost Ark and deleted it. We played some Infernax and loved it. We played some Cyberpunk… It’s still Cyberpunk. Nintendo announced a lot of cool stuff during their Nintendo Direct. The Wolf Among Us 2 looks exciting. Atomic Heart finally has a release date. And modders continue to do some very impressive things, even when nobody asked for those things. Check out our new friends at Just a Position Podcast as well: https://www.justapositionpodcast.com/

Show Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19W32C3dxw-dxAorhGEaurD9VziKEHVojq2Dp7g7W-bo/edit?usp=sharing

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