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Persona 4: Arena Ultimax



Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold is a sequel to the 2012 fighting game Persona 4 Arena, featuring playable characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4. It is once again being developed by Atlus and Arc System Works together and was announced through a location test on August 16th, 2013 where people had a chance to play a test version of the game at an arcade. The game was released in arcades on November 28, 2013, and is due for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases in fall 2014 for North America.


In the Velvet Room, Igor and Margaret introduce an unknown individual to the Velvet Room and explain their purpose in helping guests. Igor comments on the apparent dismissal of them by this individual and tells he/she that they are likely to enter into a contract with them soon. Margaret muses over this individual’s immediate future, which she states will involve Yu Narukami.

Unlike Persona 4 Arena, in which players could play through the same chain of events as any character in a What If? scenario, there is one set chain of events in which the player pick a different character to see what’s happening with them at any given time, unlocking more of the story after completing one of the chapters.

Yu Narukami

A few days after the events of Persona 4 Arena the Investigation Team, minus Naoto Shirogane and Rise Kujikawa (who were unable to attend due to obligations), meet up at Junes to discuss the events of the P-1 Grand Prix. Upon arriving they find Junes packed with families and their children, apparently forgetting that they are in the middle of Golden Week. After finding seats, Narukami, Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi, Kanji Tatsumi and Teddie all resolve to ignore Mitsuru Kirijo’s warning not to involve themselves in the week’s Persona-related events further. Yukiko asks about the whereabouts of Persona 4 Golden’s Marie but they assume she’ll turn up at some point as she tends to do. Teddie reports that after the events of P4A the TV World has yet to revert to its peaceful self and that multiple individuals, neither human nor shadows are inside. Despite the apparent culprit of the P-1 Grand Prix claiming they did not have a persona (and therefore unable to enter the TV World) the Investigation Team assume that it’s related and agree to go in the TV World to investigate the next day. Thunder and lightning breaks out followed by rain as they begin going their separate ways. Yosuke queries Yu as to the possibility that this new incident could be once again be the work of Tohru Adachi, but Yu reminds him that Adachi has a persona.

In the evening Yu is eating with Dojima and Nanako when Dojima comments on the appearance of the limo that obviously didn’t belong to anyone in Inaba, along with a detective from the city (Persona 3 and P4A’s Detective Kurosawa) coming to ask him about the previous year’s events, all during the week in which Yu returned. Yu remains quiet and Dojima warns him about getting into anyone dangerous. Upon going to his room The Midnight Channel returns once more featuring a new tournament by the name of “P-1 Climax” and soon afterwards, a mysterious red fog starts to cover Inaba. Yosuke briefly speaks to Yu on the phone before everyone’s phones go dead. People start to disappear, the real world starts to appear like the world inside of the TV and space-time itself starts to distort. “General” Teddie returns on-screen and claims the end of the world is coming and another tournament is upon them, his eyes briefly turning yellow but his voice is different from before, not that of Shadow Labrys. Mitsuru, Akihiko Sanada, Aigis and Fuuka Yamagishi are shown crucified on the TV. Junpei Iori misses his train stop and ends up in Inaba while Labrys and Yukari Takeba fly over Inaba in a helicopter

Yu decides to head to Junes.

Naoto Shirogane

Naoto is shown discussing her evaluation of Mitsuru Kirijo and the events of earlier in the week to the man from Public Security who hired her. She confirms that the culprit his ties to the Kirijo Group and may have knowledge of the incident caused by Misuru’s grandfather. He in turn asks her to continue observing her as they both believe this isn’t over.

Naoto then receives a call from Labrys, already in the helicopter, who explains that Mitsuru had ordered them back to Inaba after picking up a strange shadow reading. But men in suits swarmed the Shadow Operatives headquarters, with only Labrys escaping under the orders to contact emergency Shadow Operative members, such as Yukari and to call Naoto to being the Investigation Team to help. As with Yu and Yosuke’s phone-call, the red fog descends and the call between Naoto and Labrys is cut off.

Rise Kujikawa

Training hard for her comeback as an idol, Rise is seen talking with her reappointed manager Inoue, who insisted on giving her a lift home. Rise doubts herself that’s she’s not ready yet but Inoue remarks how much stronger she has become after her time off in Inaba. Since Rise had previously requested time off during the long holiday Inoue figures now is as good a time as any and tells her to go have fun before the big push towards her comeback starts.

The red fog descends as she’s on the train to Inaba. Her cell phone is dead and she senses the real world as if she was in the TV world.

Yu Narukami, Yosuke Hanamura, Teddie and Chie in the red fog world

After the red fog cutting off the call Yosuke, accompanied by Teddie, decides to head over to Junes, to figure out why this is happening, before midnight, and as Teddie states, so he can save Mitsuru and try to score with her. The red fog begins to thicken and Teddie senses that the real world now feels like the real world. They encounter Yu, or as Teddie deducts, a shadow taking Yu’s form. A forcefield appears surrounding Yosuke and the shadow, blocking Teddie out, followed by a screen with General Teddie. Teddie calls out his imposter and Yosuke remarks that it should only be Labrys’s shadow, but apparently it isn’t.

General Teddie admits that the shadow before them is a fake and not the real Yu and that Yosuke should fight as hard as he can. To Yosuke and Teddie’s shock, the fake shadow Yu summons his persona, Izanagi and the battle begins. After defeating the shadow, it melts away. After sensing the real Yu and the real Yukiko, Yosuke and Teddie split up, Yosuke goes after Yu and Teddie goes after Yukiko.

Yu is summoned to the Velvet Room, where Margaret and Marie are waiting for him. Marie explains that due to the rules of the Velvet Room, Marie is forbidden from going into details, but tells him that something terrible is about to happen to Inaba and that she’ll do her best to stop it. Margaret informs Yu that someone is trying to merge Inaba with the Midnight Channel, that the town’s currently stuck in an hour of space/time that only persona users can occupy and that Marie’s power is currently protecting its people. Yu returns to Inaba before Marie can hint about the culprit.

Inaba covered in the red fog. The Shadow Operative helicopter heads towards the giant tower
Inaba covered in the red fog. The Shadow Operative helicopter heads towards the giant tower

Yu encounters a fake shadow Yosuke who points Yu in the direction of Yasogami High, where a giant tower has erected. The real Yosuke arrives and exchanges details with Yu. Once the shadow is defeated, Yu and Yosuke head for the Yasogami High tower.

Chie, who was walking her dog when the red fog descended notices the tower on top of her school right away and heads over. She clashes with a fake shadow Yukiko and defeats it just as Yu and Yosuke arrive. Chie starts to worry about the others but Yu assures her that Teddie will reach them and that their job is to believe in them and to go into the tower to save Mitsuru and her associates.

The sound of clapping comes from the school gates, from a person wearing a Yasogami school uniform, an X shaped scar on his face and red hair. The young man introduces himself as Sho Minazuki, and claims to be responsible for the events thus far. His blue eyes glow red and an unknown power weakens and restrains Yu, Yosuke and Chie. Sho jokes about their bonds and seems childish and angry the idea of friendship before departing, claiming they are merely secondary parts in his scheme, taking his leave to prepare for people he claims are his guests of honor, leaving the three to venture into the tower to try and save the Shadow Operatives.

Sho Minazuki
Sho Minazuki

Chie urges them to go after Sho as he’s too dangerous for Teddie, Kanji and Yukiko alone, but Yu calms her down, stating that the so-called guests of honor are likely more Shadow Operatives coming to rescue their leader. Also Yu points out that Mitsuru said she might an have idea as to Labrys’s kidnapper’s identity, meaning that Sho would’ve already been aware of the Shadow Operative members before today, furthering the idea that Shadow Operatives are his primary objective. As to whether he is the true culprit or not, Yu mentions that Sho’s glowing red eye power could’ve been used on Labrys’s hi-jackers.

Yu, Yosuke and Chie enter the tower to try and work their way to the top, only to run into Tohru Adachi…

Teddie, Kanji, Yukiko, Naoto and Rise in the red fog world

When Teddie arrives at Yukiko’s position two Kanjis are arguing with each other. Yukiko tricks the shadow into revealing itself by having them answer a math question that the real Kanji wouldn’t be able to answer. After the shadow is defeated, Teddie and Yukiko discuss “shiny things” that emerge from the persona users after each fight, making them more tired than usual in the process. After the shiny things appear, they fly off toward the school tower. Teddie, Kanji and Yukiko decide to join up with Yu, Yosuke and Chie at the school.

Rise successfully summons her persona, but is unable to detect her friends through the red fog. Just then, Elizabeth makes an appearance. Rise doesn’t recognise Elizabeth or know about Elizabeth’s former Velvet Room role. Elizabeth loses interest in the self-doubting Rise, only for Rise to harden her resolve and commit to saving her friends. Excited by this change in personality, Elizabeth challenges rise to a fight and to Rise’s shock her persona transforms into a combat mode. Elizabeth is happy with her test of Rise’s abilities and shares her enthusiasm at the coming battle between bonds and that “young man”‘s solitude.

Arriving in the Inaba town centre, Naoto recognises her surroundings as the Dark Hour, due to her research of the previous Tatsumi Port Island incidents. She is confronted by a fake Chie Satonaka, which Naoto demands answers from, regarding the connections between the kidnapper of Labrys and the person who caused the Dark Hour to happen in Inaba. The fake Chie has no intention of answering as General Teddie appears on a screen. General Teddie informs Naoto of his capture of Mitsuru and her associates and declares the battle begun. Naoto too notices the light travelling from the fights to the Yasogami high school tower, but before putting any thoughts towards the matter, is attacked by Sho Minazuki.

Reunion with Adachi, Shadow Operatives back-up arrives

Adachi exploring Yasogami High during the Dark Hour
Adachi exploring Yasogami High during the Dark Hour

Yu, Yosuke and Chie ask Adachi why he’s appeared, to which Adachi says he had planned on remaining in prison and not get involved, but was invited by Sho. Adachi laughs at the three for following the rules of the tournament by fighting in 1 vs 1 battles, saying he suspects Sho has gathered a lot of “persona fragments” by now. Finally he warns them that Mitsuru and her friends are in danger if they are left, before taking his leave. An invisible wall prevents the three from chasing after them, and a fake shadow of Akihiko Sanada appears. After defeating it the tower begins to rumble and Yu realises that Sho is going to do something with the persona fragments he’s gathering. Yosuke wonders if he’s planning on creating a brand new persona with them, and Yu confirms the fragments are heading to the top of the tower.

A fake shadow Labrys appears, but it too refuses to give any details of Sho’s plan and attacks. Its defeats prompts the question, why is Sho going after personae and not just capturing shadows from the TV world, as shadows and personae are two sides of the same coin. Yu, Yosuke and Chie move on.

Meanwhile Sho and Naoto’s fight comes to a halt while they discuss Sho’s plan, Sho in this conversation seems calm and manipulating and has a persona. Naoto suspects that Sho is attempting to summon something at the top of the tower, but Sho claim’s he merely wants to grant a wish, who’s wish he won’t say. Just as Sho confirms he’s carving bits of personas away from their users, his “guests of honor” arrive in the form of Labrys and Yukari in their helicopter, along with fellow former SEES members, Ken Amada and Koromaru. Sho comments that all the guests are now here, the SEES members who killed “his” father. Sho departs while a fake Naoto appears. Naoto warns Yukari, Ken and Koromaru not to fight them and to move on, as to not give up persona fragments. Labrys stays with Naoto to battle the fake Naoto.

After the battles, Naoto reveals that like the incident Mitsuru and the SEES were involved in, Sho has created a Tartarus tower to summon something, and Labrys reveals that she senses a plume of dusk from Sho, suspecting that he too is a anti-shadow suppression weapon like her and Aigis.

Converging on Tartarus

Persona 3 character Junpei Iori as he appears in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
Persona 3 character Junpei Iori as he appears in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Now inside the school, Teddie, Yukiko and Kanji discover a crucified Akihiko and a fake shadow who introduces himself as Junpei Iori, but when the real Junpei arrives, the invisible walls have already appeared and Junpei crashes into it. After defeating the fake, the situation is explained to Junpei, who naturally doesn’t fully understand the concept of the TV world. Akihiko wakes up, claiming to have been merely taking a nap to recover stolen energy. Junpei confirms that Yukari, Ken, Koromaru and Labrys (who he hasn’t met) have been called in to help.

Akihiko confirms that they got a strong shadow reading and were heading back to Inaba, but the limo was ambushed and he ended up in the Yasogami Tartarus tower. Junpei mistakenly believes he’s been tortured but he was simply seeing Akihiko for the first time in a while, the same reaction Mitsuru had given him a few days earlier. Akihiko and Junpei confirm this is the Dark Hour.

Meanwhile, Yu, Yosuke and Chie spy on a conversation with Sho and Adachi, but are seen by Sho. Sho seems more childish and angry then before and despite Adachi’s warning, attacks them, but doesn’t use a persona. After his defeat, Adachi admonishes Sho for tiring himself out using the power he apparently received from someone else. Adachi states he has no intention of attacking the three of them, and that they should be more worried about someone else. As they wonder who that they are attacked by Sho again, but the calm Sho seen fighting Naoto, and using a persona.

Persona 3 character Ken Amada as he appears in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
Persona 3 character Ken Amada as he appears in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Rise arrives at the Yasogami Tartarus and through both of their sensory powers, successfully links up with and locates Fuuka Yamagishi. Rise finds Fuuka with a fake shadow Yukari standing over the real Yukari, unconscious. After Rise defeats the fake Yukari the real one comes around and they compare stories of their careers as idols, models and actresses. Rise and Fuuka combine sensory powers, sensing the people around Yu and the people around Akihiko, then a huge power coming from the top of the tower, they head for it.

Persona 3 character Koromaru as he appears in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.
Persona 3 character Koromaru as he appears in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

The group of Akihiko, Junpei Teddie, Yukiko and Kanji find a replica of Tatsumi Port Island’s Moonlight Bridge linked to one Yasogami’s music room, where Aigis is being held. They are attacked by fake shadow Ken and Koromaru, but Akihiko is too injured to participate, leaving it to others.

The real Ken and Koromaru arrive to join them. They confirm Naoto, Labrys and Yukari’s presence and save Aigis. They resolve to locate and save Mitsuru, Teddie still intent on a “reward,” to which Akihiko hopes he isn’t executed by Mitsuru for.

Sho and Minazuki

After accusations of having a split personality the calm “Sho” reveals it is another being inside Sho that’s granting him his wish after Sho went under a lot of stress. “Sho” attempts to convince Yu to abandon his friends, but Naoto and Labrys arrive. “Sho” considers killing Yu before leaving, but Adachi convinces him otherwise. “Sho” restrains them again with the red power saying that he has enough persona fragments and leaves. A fake shadow Mitsuru arrives to delay them and is defeated.

Through Labrys and Naoto’s previous theories and research, they come to the conclusion that Sho must have been experimented on by the old Kirijo group to have the anti-shadow suppression weapon’s plume of dusk forced inside him, giving birth to another personality that can take control. Advancing up the tower leads to Mitsuru and a fake shadow Aigis.

Once it is defeated, Mitsuru is recovered, and she reveals that Sho Minazuki is human and is the son of Shuji Ikutsuki and that Shuji was in charge of inhumane experiments on him, adding the plume of dusk within him and raising him in solitude. This gave birth to the Minazuki personality, the part of him that can use a persona. All the members of the Investigation Team and the Shadow Operatives are linked telepathically. They exchange pleasantries and information but the tower begins to shake, worse then before. Dozens upon dozens of shadows begin heading to the top of the tower, all merging with each other. The combined group of persona users split up into different parts of the tower to destroy the shadows that have yet to reach the top.

Everyone agrees that Yu is the one to send to the top to confront Sho, wishing him good luck, Mitsuru compares his views on friendship to someone SEES once knew. On his way Yu is once again summoned to the Velvet Room by Margaret who asks if Yu is ready for the task at hand. Yu confirms his resolve and asks about Marie, to which Margaret replies that Marie is fighting a great struggle to protect the people of Inaba and that her fate to tied to that of Inaba and therefore Yu’s success or failure. Margaret also confirms that Yu may be able to awaken Sho as an official guest of the Velvet Room, despite his life of solitude, horrific experimentation and wanting to destroy Inaba, confirming the identity of Igor and Margaret’s unknown visitor earlier.

The final battle

Yu arrives to see Sho hitting a fallen Adachi, who admits to attempting to destroy the persona fragments when the chance presented itself. Adachi shouts down Sho’s comparisons between them, admitting that he hates the world, but he’s not the same as what he calls a brat who acts childish just because the world didn’t treat him right. As Sho is about to deliver the killing strike Yu intervenes. Adachi makes it clear that he didn’t try to stop Sho for any of the other persona users, but to make things right for himself, which Yu acknowledges. Adachi jokingly goes him a know it all, before collapsing.

The sight of two old foes conversing in such a manner angers Sho who starts screaming that he’ll destroy everything before passing out, only for him to rise again with the plume of dusk personality, Minazuki, in control. Minazuki and Yu argue over what’s truly best for Sho, Minazuki claiming that his knowledge of sho’s suffering makes him the better judge, which Yu counters that Sho simply doesn’t know that what he’s experienced up to now isn’t all there is in the world. A battle ensues to decide who is right, which is won by Yu who has a revelation.

The reason Minazuki works so hard to make the dreams of the human he was born inside come true, is because they have a bond. But when it seems Yu is getting through to Minazuki, General Teddie appears once again.

General Teddie greets Minazuki reveals Minazuki’s plan, which was apparently to use Adachi to supress him. Minazuki refers to him as “Kagutsuchi” and Kagutsuchi disqualifies him from the P-1 Climax, declaring Yu the tournament champion. Kagutsuchi announces his prize is his execution, but Minazuki prevents him from attacking Yu, demanding Kagutsuchi’s intentions.

Kagutsuchi grabs Minazuki, explaining that his body, that of General Teddie is merely a horde of shadows creating a fake, much like the fake shadows, but with this horde of shadows and the persona fragments, Sho and Minazuki have completed his plan for him. By fusing the shadows and devouring the persona fragments, Kagutsuchi will have a new, true form for itself. He explains to Yu that he was born when the world was enshrouded in fog a year ago, that he is the collective will of those that abandoned all connections and strived to live only for themselves, namely the town of Inaba with the exception of the persona users, before they solved the crisis.

The entity’s full name is Hinokagutsuchi, one who kills all who lives in the world. The mysterious red power from earlier was his, and he takes control of Sho/Minazuki and exerts his full power upon Yu, so that he could be witness to the creation of his new body and be his first sacrifice. Hinokagutsuchi gloats to Yu over his impending victory, how weakening the persona users with the red fog has left them vulnerable to defeat by the mass of shadows in the tower and how successful the plan to acquire persona fragments was, as opposed to reverting their personas into shadows, which would have been unruly and uncontrollable.

The persona fragments are the key to controlling the lesser shadows, allowing this plan to succeed. The new body, the giant fire serpent, emerges and the Hinokagutsuchi-controlled Sho/Minazuki enters its mouth, Yu asks for everyone to lend him their strength and enters a battle with the monster.

Hinokagutsuchi becomes enraged at being unable to defeat Yu’s power of bonds but an awakened Adachi steps in joking that Yu failed to defeat it while he was unconscious. With the combined power of Izanagi and Magatsu Izanagi, they defeat the monster once and for all.


Elizabeth appears and commends Yu on defeating the creature, for despite its differences it was still an embodiment of those consciousnesses that wished for death, much like Erebus, and had to witness its destruction by either her or someone else’s hand. As thanks Elizabeth agrees to transport all the persona users somewhere safe, namely the Midnight channel’s TV world. Mitsuru and Akihiko thank Yu for defeating the culprit and through Kanji sticking his head out of the TV and nearly getting caught by a Junes security guard, they release the Dark Hour has ceased and Inaba is back to normal. Sho recovers and escapes the group.

At the end of Golden Week Marie meets Yu to see him off, Yu thanks Marie for looking after the people of Inaba and she gets flustered and tells him to come back soon. Dojima asks if everything is settled and tells Yu to relax more the next time he’s over. Yu talks to everyone about disbanding the Investigation Team and promises Nanako that he’ll be back in the Summer (Persona 4 Golden’s epilogue).

Kanji is caught studying English by his mother, who teases him for studying and doing excellent dye work to her clothes. Yukiko is working at the inn when a drunk asks for a back rub, to which Yukiko brushes it off, she demonstrates her new found ability to rely more on others when working at the Amagi inn. Her cooking skills however aren;t improving as fast as her managing skills.

Chie is seen studying for her dream to become a police officer, using Akihiko as her inspiration, as well as in her martial arts dreams when she dozes off. Once again Naoto reports to the Public Security officer who hired her, he reveals that the purpose of the investigation was not to find out if the Kirijo Group is dangerous but simply that the higher ups were trying to find fault with her to use as an excuse to not give her as much power in an official capacity. Regardless the man gives Naoto permission to continue visiting his offices to both work cases and to give the higher ups the impression that she’s on their side. Elsewhere she considers new cases to begin.

Yosuke reflects on a discussion with Yu about going to collage and gets angry at Teddie for teasing him about Nurse magazines. Teddie is shown working at Junes, but with his mind focused on Yu returning in the summer he ends up making the stall he was working on look like a summer swimsuit section, then is shouted at by Yosuke for imagining the female persona users in swimsuits. Rise is seen acting, the scene being a fallout with a significant other when the manager Inoue busts in. Inoue and Rise discuss her upcoming work.

Playable Roster

From Persona 3, Junpei Iori, Yukari Takeba, Ken Amada, and Koromaru have been added to Ultimax. Ken Amada and Koromaru will be a combination character, fighting alongside each other. Newcomer Sho Minazuki along with his doppleganger, and Persona 4’s Rise Kujikawa are further additions to the cast. Also, with the exceptions of Shadow Labrys and Elizabeth, all characters now have alternate playable Shadow versions of themselves. Tohru Adachi, Margaret and Marie are DLC playable characters.

Sho Minazuki has two playable forms: one where he fights without a Persona and one where he fights alongside a Persona. Both forms are very different, such as Labrys and Shadow Labrys, and they both have different movesets, character portraits and properties.

The characters’ move lists can be found on their respective pages.

Character Persona First Appearance
Yu Narukami Izanagi Persona 4
Yosuke Hanamura Jiraiya Persona 4
Chie Satonaka Tomoe Gozen Persona 4
Yukiko Amagi Konohana Sakuya Persona 4
Kanji Tatsumi Take-Mikazuchi Persona 4
Naoto Shirogane Sukuna-Hikona Persona 4
Teddie Kintoki Douji Persona 4
Rise Kujikawa Himiko Persona 4
Aigis Pallas Athena Persona 3
Mitsuru Kirijo Artemisia Persona 3
Akihiko Sanada Caesar Persona 3
Elizabeth Thanatos Persona 3
Labrys Ariadne Persona 3 Drama CD Volume 2 – “Moonlight”
Shadow Labrys Asterius Persona 4 Arena
Junpei Iori Trismegistus Persona 3
Yukari Takeba Isis Persona 3
Ken Amada / Koromaru Kala-Nemi / Cerberus Persona 3
Sho Minazuki Tsukiyomi Persona 4 The Ultimax
Tohru Adachi (DLC) Magatsu Izanagi Persona 4
Marie (DLC) Persona 4 Golden
Margaret (DLC) Yoshitsune, Cu Chulainn, and Ardha Persona 4


So far, five new stages have been shown. In addition, stages from the previous game have been modified to reflect the story of P4A2. None of the following stages have been given official names, but are referred to as the locations they take place in:

Shopping District

Shopping District
Shopping District

This stage takes place in Inaba’s shopping district near the bust stop. There’s an eerie looking long bus to the left of the stage and an empty diner to the right. The stage is enveloped in purple fog.

Tartarus Entrance

Tartarus Entrance
Tartarus Entrance

This stage represents the entrance to Tartarus which served as the area before entering the dungeon itself in Persona 3. There are coffins laying around with chains around them, presumably people transformed from the Dark Hour, on the ground but other than that it looks exactly how it did in the game itself.



This stage takes place in Junes where Persona 4’s Investigation Team often met up to discuss the Inaba kidnappings. Aside from the unsettling atmosphere given by the green and red hue that is shown in many of the new stages as well as all of the pandas to the right of the stage, it looks just as one familiar with Junes would expect it to.

Top of Tartarus

Top of Tartarus
Top of Tartarus

While most likely not actually the top of Tartarus, it is at an elevated position where a big moon and destroyed structures such as a clock can be seen in the background. The floor has an odd pattern on it and there are crucifixes surrounding the area. It’s very reminiscent of a certain scene in Persona 3.



The theme of this stage seems to be the world coming to an end. It depicts a cityscape that’s been completely twisted and destroyed with an intense, gloomy red sky and rushing water under a bridge.

Gameplay Changes

Several changes have been made to this game’s mechanics compared to the original Persona 4 Arena.


It varies by character, but the introduction of SB super moves, fatal recovery on certain moves, and other mechanics has generally increased the maximum damage characters can dish out with proper resources. Characters with a lot of meter that get the right starter can destroy their opponent’s health bar much more practically than the first game.

Persona Cards

Characters now have different numbers of Persona cards compared to the standard four each character had previously. The number of cards range from 2 to 8, when a character is out of cards they will be persona broken. The regeneration time for cards while persona broken varies depending on how much cards a character has, but every character has to wait a minimum time before their cards will start filling up. Overall, being persona broken lasts noticeably longer than the first game, even for the characters with only 2 cards.

Auto combos

Every character has been granted a new auto combo (with the exception of Shadow characters who use their original auto combos).

Shadow Characters

With the exception of Elizabeth, Shadow Labrys, Sho/Minazuki, Margaret, Marie, and Adachi, every character has a selectable Shadow version of themselves in addition to their Normal versions. Shadow Mode affects the following:

  • Shadow characters are unable to Burst or enter Awakening mode.
  • They always have access to their awakening super for 50 meter.
  • They are able to initiate “Shadow Fury” by pressing A+B+D and spending 100 SP. During this mode, Shadow characters have a limited meter which drains down as they use SB specials, OMC, and supers. Additionally, most specials can be canceled into other specials as well as jump canceled.
  • Shadow characters maintain their level of SP between rounds, if they end a round in shadow fury they will receive half of their current meter.
  • Shadow characters use the auto combos of the previous game and not the new ones given to their normal version’s.
  • The damage of Shadow characters is reduced by 20% compared to the normal versions.
  • Shadow versions of characters have 2000 extra health.

Skill Boost Supers

Every character has Skill Boost supers which are more powerful versions of their standard super attacks. For example, Chie’s Skill Boost God Hand super sends two powerful fists crashing down from the sky instead of one.

These Skill Boost supers cost 75 SP instead of the 50 SP supers normally cost.

Gold Burst

A Gold Burst now has longer recovery frames, making a whiffed Gold Burst very punishable by an opponent. It is still plus on block, however.

S Hold System

Certain special attacks can be charged by holding the A button for a certain length of time, a mechanic called the “S Hold System.” The charged special attacks look the same as their normal counterparts, however they have special properties such as invincibility.

Short Hop Cancel

Normal moves can now be cancelled into short hops (2AC), which adds new strategy to close-range fights as a way to counter throws with normal moves after a short hop cancel, despite them not having overhead properties.

Fatal Counters Recovery

Some moves have a special counterhit state that forces Fatal regardless of the move used to interrupt/punish it. For example, punishing Chie’s furious action or hitting Mitsuru out of B droit will result in a fatal counter no matter what move you used, giving the character the opportunity to use the fatal counter hitstun bonus to do more damage.

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