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DJMAX Technika Tune



DJ Max Technika Tune gameplay
DJ Max Technika Tune gameplay

DJ Max Technika Tune is a rhythm game for the PlayStation Vita and is developed by South Korean developer Pentavision Entertainment with additional development by Neowiz’s Mobile division. It was published by Pentavision in South Korea, Pentavision Global in North America, and Cyberfront in Japan.

Unlike the Portable series it proceeds, DJ Max Technika Tune has a unique playstyle that takes advantage of the PS Vita’s touchscreen to emulate the arcade experience of the Technika series. Whereas the Portable games have all played akin to Konami’s Beatmania series, Technika requires the player to synchronously tap and interact with icons that appear on a timeline to play the notes in the song’s chart.

DJ Max Technika Tune was announced towards the end of 2011 to much anticipation in the rhythm game community. The popular arcade series saw its PlayStation Vita debut in South Korea on the 20th of September, 2012 when it released. Japan followed seven days later on the 27th of September, 2012 and the North American version released on the 26th of October, 2012. The game was made available in stores and on the PlayStation Network.


Every chart has been re-written to accommodate the game’s 3-lane playfield, and repeater/hold notes have been reworked to make use of the rear touch panel during gameplay. The rear touch panel can be enabled or disabled in the options menu, with the assigned notes being playable on the front panel as well. As with previous portable DJMAX games, the title also includes a vast collection of unlockable songs and content, including music and videos from the game without the gameplay elements laid on top.

Song List

Genre Song Title Artist
Western House Back To Life CROOVE
Melodic Trance Renovation XeoN
House Dance Take on Me Cuve
Ani Pop Shining My Boy AstroKid
Acid Dance The MAX NDLee
Art Core Silent Clarity Tsukasa
Toy Box A Song Of Sixpence makou
Dance Floor Luv Yourself NDLee
Jungle Pop Never Say NDLee
Happy Core Light House xxdbxx
Modern Rock Fallen Angel DJ Mocha
P-Funk Get On Top Planetboom
HiFi Pop Hello Pinky NieN
Techno Pop End Of The Moonlight Forte Escape
Rock OBLIVION (Rockin’ Night Style NieN
Classic Remix Mozart Symphony #40 1st Movement Kim Changhoon
Trance ACCESS Sphazer
Melodic Trance Thor XeoN
Classic Remix Piano Concerto No.1 WavFactory
Pop Rock Brand NEW Days Planetboom
Modern Rock Forever Bexter
Acid House Y NDLee
House Dance I Want You Lin-G
Urban Pop Ru’tin Bexter
K-Pop Remember Lin-G
Planet Core Keys To The World Planetboom
Balaeric House Shoreline Oriental ST8
Psychadelic Trance Fermion makou
Piano Ballad Proposed, Flower, Wolf Part 1 ReX
Fusion Hip Hop Fate STi
Gabber SON OF SUN Hosoe Shinji
Dance Pop First Kiss BJJ
Ani Pop Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong DINY
Techno Trance Dual Strikers 7 Sequence
Jazz House Cozy Quilt bermei.inazawa
Symphonic Rave La Campanella: Nu Rave Cranky
Funky House Luv Flow (Funky House Mix) Paul Bazooka
Hip House Hanzup! Mr. Funky
Reggaeton-Like Put Em Up makou
Dance Pop Trip NieN
Irish Dance Emblem makou
Electro House RockSTAR Mr. Funky
Cute Pop Heartbeat Part 2 NDLee
Rap Metal Feel Ma Beat NieN
Melodic Trance Xeus XeoN
Oriental Funk Kung-Fu Rider AstroKid
Fusion HipHop Ghost STi
Electro Tance Dark Prism Tsukasa
R&B Slow My Heart, My Soul 3rd Coast
Light Pop EGG Nauts
K-Pop You & Me NieN
Soulful R&B Ooh La La Julie C
90’s Rock You Should Get Over Me Jessica Wolff
Electro HipHop In The TDot Mr. Thoro
Rave SuperNova Cranky
Junkno AD2222 CROOVE
Gabba Bamboo on Bamboo Sampling Masters MEGA
Euro Dance Angel Laurent Newfield & Ravenant
80’s Dance Wanna Be Your LOVER Laurent Newfield & Ravenant
K-Pop Step Kara
K-Pop Pretty Girl Kara
K-Pop Jumping Kara
K-Pop Mister Kara
K-Pop Lupin Kara

Limited Edition

No Caption Provided

A limited edition of the game was announced on the game’s release in South Korea and featured, like the limited editions of its predecessors, a host of bonuses for fans of the series. Made available for pre-order on the game’s official website, the Limited Edition of DJ Max Technika Tune featured:

  • The DJ Max Technika Tune game with unique, optional packaging
  • A two-disc soundtrack
  • An artbook
  • A branded hand-strap and screen-cleaner
  • A protective case for the PS Vita
  • A pouch for the PS Vita
  • Credit code for the Neowiz BUGS music network

The North American version of the limited edition features all of the contents listen above, save for the Neowiz BUGS card. The edition’s pre-orders for North America sold out in 8 hours with only 750 copies made available.

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All game data on this page is sourced via Giant Bomb.

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