DJ Max Portable 3 is the third numbered installment in the DJ Max Portable franchise and is developed by Pentavision Entertainment and published by Neowiz Games, with PM Studios taking publishing duties in North America. It features over 50 all new songs, a new beginner mode, a new game mode called Remix that also includes a re-vamped user interface, high-definition background videos and graphics, and more in-depth customization options. It was simultaneously released in Korea by Pentavision Entertainment and in North America by PM Studios on October 14th, 2010. A PlayStation Network version of the game was released on October 19th, 2010 for download.

On September 9th, 2010, a 1000 copies, Limited Edition version of the game was made available by pre-order exclusively through

As opposed to previous entries of the franchise, ponGlow is neither directing or producing the title. Instead, DJ Max music veterans Bexter and Planetboom are directing the title. Similarly, Croove has taken over the role as Producer.


Remix Mode

4.2T mode
4.2T mode

Remix Mode is the newest addition to the DJ Max Portable franchise. The mode, known as X.2T, will be compatible with every previous difficulty mode. For example, 6B Remix Mode would be 6.2T Mode. The mode will introduce two new note types: Turntable notes and Sampler notes.

Turntable Notes are purple notes that are activated with the analog stick. They are based on turntable mixing, cross-fading and scratching.

Sampler Notes are synthesizer notes that activate sound effects and samples. They take up the two new lanes added to the user interface and are activated by hitting the Square, Triangle and Circle buttons in combination with the Analog Stick being held to the left or right.

Removed Features

While it promised a revival of sorts to the series numbered continuum, a host of features are significantly lacking from DJ Max Portable 3. Many of the additions and tweaks introduced to the series through Black Square and Clazziquai Edition are gone, as well as certain features introduced as far back as DJ Max Portable 2. 5B mode (originally introduced in 2) is gone, a mode previously used to ease the transition from 4-Button mode to the significantly more complex 6-button mode. 8B, 6BFX and 8BFX mode were also removed.

The Club Tour mode introduced in Clazziquai/Black Square is also gone, which served as a campaign-type method to unlock new songs, skins, and notes. The issue with this omission is that it wasn’t replaced with any other mode, not even the barebones playlist mode from DJ Max Portable. (Known as Club Mode in that game)

OST Mode, Album, and Link Disc options are also missing. Link Disc was a feature used in all previous DJ Max games to unlock new skins, notes, and music files. The player would be asked to insert a previous DJ Max game into the UMD drive and not only would this unlock new features in the most recent game they were playing, but would also allow them to play through the entire playlist of previous games using the current game’s revised mechanics. (i.e.: Playing DJ Max Portable 1 songs in Portable 2)

Limited Edition

Limited Edition Packaging
Limited Edition Packaging

On September 9th, 2010, PM Studios, in collaboration with, announced a Limited Edition that was exclusive to The Limited Edition was pre-order only and was limited to 1000 copies. It was shipped on October 14th, 2010 along with the standard retail edition. The Limited Edition features:

  • DJ Max Portable 3
  • An alternate cover sheet
  • Art Book
  • Two-Disc Soundtrack
  • Deluxe Packaging
  • Contest Voucher

Along with the Limited Edition, Bemanistyle also ran a contest, where every Limited Edition came with a voucher, entering whoever purchased the game into a drawing of PM Studios/DJ Max goodies. The full rundown of said contest can be seen here.

Incomplete Track List

Song Title Artist
Put Em’ Up makou
Dual Strikers 7 Sequence
La Campanella: Nu Rave Cranky
Sweet Dream Lin-G
PUZZLER Electronic Boutique
Trip NieN
Love is Beautiful Electronic Boutique
Revolution Theme ?
Rage of Demon NieN
Supersonic (Mr. Funky Dirty Remix) Planetboom
Say it From Your Heart makou
Whiteblue zts
Outlaw: Reborn Croove (Mr. Funky Remix)
Your Own Miracle Ruby Tuesday
D2 First Aid

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