“Metal Gear Arcade is a reworked port of Metal Gear Online, which was packaged for the PlayStation 3 with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. While Kojima Productions has offered little in terms of information or release dates, the released screenshots and trailers for the game clearly show its similarity to Metal Gear Online in terms of play modes and play style.

Arcade works by linking Arcade cabinets together so that individuals can play team matches with or against each other. Cabinets are grouped in lots of four, suggesting that teams will be made up of four members. Each unit is coin-operated. Players use two joysticks and a series of buttons to control their avatar’s movement. The game is stereoscopic and uses 3D goggles to make the game appear in 3D.

Development history

The first hint that Metal Gear Arcade was in development was when Konami patented the term “Metal Gear Arcade” and “Tactical Online Action” in the U.S. and Japanese patent offices. Their International Class 028 patent was reserved against “Arcade games, namely, amusement game machines, coin-operated video games, electronic game machines”. The patent was cleared in April of 2009. Arcade was later confirmed to be in development at E3 of that year.

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