Rainbow team in combat.
Rainbow team in combat.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is a modern military first-person shooter in the Tom Clancy franchise developed by Ubisoft Montreal Studios for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game is powered by Ubisoft’s Anvil Next game engine.

The game focuses on objective based team gameplay, with no respawns and a high level of environmental destruction.


Situations is the game’s optional tutorial section, where players can get accustomed to the various classes and maps that they will eventually be using in multiplayer. These 10 single player missions (with introductions narrated by actress Angela Bassett) each deliver a different operator and objective, with other secondary objectives that earn additional Renown.

Once the player successfully completes the 10 Situations, they unlock Article 5, an 11th mission that drops the player into an online co-op match with 4 other players, tasking them with defusing two bombs on a college campus.

Terrorist Hunt

The game contains a player vs environment (PvE) Terrorist Hunt game mode where teams of five players cooperatively attempt to defeat maps filled with terrorist AI enemies. The goals in this mode change each round, and include disarming bombs, extracting hostages, killing all of the terrorists, or protecting an asset (defensive mode). There are different types of enemies including suicide-bombers, scouts, and general enemies. Scanning an enemy with a camera or drone will reveal the ‘class’ of that unit.

White Mask Bomber
White Mask Bomber
  • Engineer: focuses solely on setting barricades and traps and other devices.
  • Roamer: relies on setting up group attacks, and attempt to flank players at opportune times.
  • Bomber: walks/charges towards players at all costs and self-detonate, they are heavily armored and strapped with explosives.

The game mode randomizes enemy positions, classes, and objectives, and promises “you will never have the same experience twice.”

Terrorist Hunt can be played online in teams of 5, or players can select to go in as a “Lone Wolf.” It contains three difficulty levels; Normal, Hard, and Realistic.


Multiplayer pits 5 vs 5 in close quarter combat, with one team defending an objective (either a hostage, a biohazard container, or two bombs), while a counter terrorist Rainbow team attacks. The defending team must fortify their surroundings, reinforcing walls, creating traps, defensive systems and strategies to stop the attacking team. The attacking team must breach the fortified location and complete their objective using coordinated assaults and close quarters combat.


Siege has a dedicated playlist for new maps when they’re released. This playlist is also used for limited time events. As of April 1, 2019, two limited time events have been run in Siege.


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Launching with Year 3 Season 1, Outbreak was a coop mode that saw teams of three fighting infected monsters across three maps featuring extensive outdoor areas. Similar to Left 4 Dead, the mode included special types of infected.

  • Grunts: The most basic type of infected
  • Breacher: An explosive enemy that can destroy reinforced walls when detonating
  • Rooter: A fast-moving enemy that can use spikes to trap players
  • Smasher: A gigantic brute that charges through and smashes everything in its way
  • Apex: A long-range projectile enemy that can summon more infected into the fight

Rainbow is Magic

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An April Fools’ 2019 event running from April 1 to April 8, Rainbow is Magic introduced pink and rainbow-colored cosmetic items for Tachanka, Smoke, Blackbeard, and Montagne. It also featured a redecorated toy-sized version of the Plane map with the hostage wearing a teddy bear suit and a motherly narrator commentating the match.


Each Operator has their own unique weapons and abilities. Originally, the initial cost of an Operator was 500 Renown (the in-game currency earned after a match), but as more operators were unlocked from a CTU (Counter-Terrorism Unit), they increased in cost by intervals of 500. Players also had to use Renown to unlock weapon attachments. At the launch of Year 3 Season 1, Ubisoft removed the Renown requirements for all 20 launch Operators as well as for all weapon attachments, making them available to everyone. In Year 4 Season 1 the Renown requirement for the launch Operators was reintroduced, with older DLC Operators being permanently discounted following a set scale.

At the start of each round, each player selects an Operator, and no one may pick the same Operator as another player. If a player has no open Operator available to them, there is a generic “Recruit” available. The Recruit has no special abilities, but can use an offensive gadget and a defensive gadget in the same loadout. Recruits also have a much wider selection of weapons to choose from depending on the CTU they select.

Operator CTU Team Unique Ability
Sledge SAS Attackers Uses a breaching hammer to break walls and other surfaces.
Thatcher SAS Attackers Uses EMP grenades to disable electronics.
Mute SAS Defenders Deploys jamming devices to scramble signals and hide objectives.
Smoke SAS Defenders Sets remote detonated toxic gas mine that cause damage over time so long as people remain inside the gas cloud. This hurts both teammates and enemies.
Ash FBI SWAT Attackers Has a grenade launcher with two rounds, specifically designed for breaching. Does not damage players or reinforced walls.
Thermite FBI SWAT Attackers Carries an exothermic charge capable of destroying reinforced walls.
Castle FBI SWAT Defenders Places bulletproof barricades over doorways and windows. They can only be broken by breaching charges, Sledge’s hammer or 12 melee attacks.
Pulse FBI SWAT Defenders Detects heartbeats within a short distance, regardless of walls between him and the source. Using his cardiac sensor leaves Pulse vulnerable to attack as he cannot use his weapons.
Twitch GIGN Attackers Operates a shock drone capable of neutralizing traps or injuring enemies.
Montagne GIGN Attackers Wields a large riot shield with extendable plates. These plates can be extended at will to cover his head and feet completely and widening slightly.
Doc GIGN Defenders Carries a syringe gun which can heal or revive allies (and himself) from a incapacitated AKA ‘down but not out’ state.
Rook GIGN Defenders Deploys a bag of additional armor for his teammates to equip which increases the chances of the wearer becoming incapacitated in situations in which they would otherwise be outright killed.
Glaz Spetsnaz Attackers Flips the magnified thermal sight up on his marksman rifle, allowing for increased magnification and visibility, even through smoke.
Fuze Spetsnaz Attackers Can apply a charge to walls which then pierces through to the other side and launches several hockey puck-sized grenades. These can harm and even kill a hostage if the user is not careful.
Kapkan Spetsnaz Defenders Has a stock of three laser tripmines he may set on any window or doorway. Only enemies will set them off, and they can be deployed on barricaded doors/windows to mask the beam.
Tachanka Spetsnaz Defenders Deploys a stationary mounted LMG that can be used by anyone.
Blitz GSG 9 Attackers Uses a riot shield with a large LED on the front that can be triggered to act as a flashbang, with a limited number of charges.
IQ GSG 9 Attackers Uses an Electronics Detector to detect any electronics in range, even through walls. Can only use a pistol while scanning, and the scanner does not distinguish between enemy or friendly gadgets.
Jager GSG 9 Defenders Installs an Active Defense System which intercepts and disarms grenades before they can detonate.
Bandit GSG 9 Defenders Places high tension shock wire on metallic gadgets, dealing (or increasing damage dealt) to enemies. Placing them on reinforced walls stops breaching charges and X-Kairos pellets from being detonated.
Buck JTF2 Attackers Carries an underbarrel “Skeleton Key” on his rifle that lets him fire a shotgun blast that rips apart enemies and some walls at close range.
Frost JTF2 Defenders Places a “Welcome Mat” on the floor that will incapacitate (but not kill) enemies who step on it, and prevent them from crawling to safety.
Blackbeard SEALs Attackers Can mount a flexible rifle-shield that can protect him from frontal headshots when looking down the scope, with a replacement available if the first one breaks.
Valkyrie SEALs Defenders Throws multiple “Black Eye” sticky cameras onto most surfaces that can be accessed by anyone on her team, allowing them to view areas that standard cameras or gadgets in the level cannot cover.
Capitão BOPE Attackers Wields a “tactical crossbow” that can fire either asphyxiating bolts that can damage enemies in close proximity to them, or micro-smoke grenades that can be used as visual cover for his team.
Caveira BOPE Defenders Her “Silent Step” allows her to noiselessly sneak up on enemies and incapacitate them with a melee attack. She can also interrogate downed (not dead) enemies to learn the location of their teammates. She also wields a unique silenced handgun called the “Luison” that will knock down an active enemy and allow her to interrogate them.
Hibana SAT Attackers Her “X-KAIROS” launches explosive pellets that can be remotely detonated and destroy even reinforced walls. However, they can be neutralized before detonation.
Echo SAT Defenders Deploys a “YOKAI” drone can act both as an extra camera drone and send out a short-range sonic pulse that will distort the vision and accuracy of enemy attackers for several seconds.
Jackal GEO Attackers Wears special lenses that can reveal the footprints of enemies (except Caveira’s silent step).
Mira GEO Defenders Places a one-way bulletproof mirror shield on reinforced walls to hide teammates, with an option to pop out the shield and create a “murder hole.”
Ying SDU Attackers Her Candela releases a cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on surfaces or tossed into an opening as a time-released grenade.
Lesion SDU Defenders “Gu mines”, cloaked toxic mines injecting a compound which injures opponents and limits their speed.
Ela GROM Defenders “Grzmot mines”, concussion proximity mines that can be anchored on surfaces, impairing hearing and causing a dizzying effect when triggered.
Zofia GROM Attackers Similar to Ash, Zofia’s KS79 LIFELINE allows Zofia to fire impact or concussion grenades using a grenade launcher attachment under her rifle, blowing away walls and doors and stunning nearby enemies. Zofia can also get herself up from a downed state once per round, but will only have 1 HP after doing so.
Dokkaebi 707th SMB Attackers Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb allows her to hack enemy phones to ring uncontrollably and give away their position, which they must spend several seconds to shut off. Furthermore, she can hijack a dead enemy’s phone to hack into the Defenders’ camera feeds.
Vigil 707th SMB Defenders Can use a special cloak, the ERC-7, to erase his presence from all camera and drone feeds. Will not fool human eyes.
Lion CBRN Attackers The EE-One-D is a special aerial drone that can detect any moving enemies after a few seconds of warmup.
Finka CBRN Attackers Finka can send a signal to nanobots planted within her comrades with her “Adrenal Surge,” temporarily boosting the health of living allies or reviving them once from a downed state.
Alibi GIS Defenders The Prisma projects a holographic image of Alibi in a standing, idle position. Any Attacker who attacks the hologram will have their position temporarily revealed. Can also be used by the actual Alibi to hide herself.
Maestro GIS Defenders Can deploy the “Evil Eye,” a unique camera drone that is bulletproof and can see through smoke. The Evil Eye also has a laser turret that can destroy enemy gadgets or slowly damage enemies. However, the Evil Eye is vulnerable to standard attacks when using the turret function.
Maverick GSUTR Attackers Carries a customized blowtorch that can cut small holes in any wall, even reinforced ones. Creating holes big enough to fit a person through will require nearly all of the blowtorch fuel.
Clash GSUTR Defenders Makes use of a nigh-impenetrable riot shield that blocks all damage from the front, and has a built-in taser that can slow down and slightly damage enemies. Cannot attack while the shield is active.
Nomad GIGR Attackers The “Airjab,” a sub-weapon attached to Nomad’s rifle, fires a non-lethal proximity mine that can attach to any surface knocks down any enemy that comes within its proximity.
Kaid GIGR Defenders Carries throwable “Electroclaw” devices that electrify metal surfaces and deployable shields, and can electrify multiple objects within a small radius of the claw.
Gridlock SASR Attackers Track Spikes are a throwable cluster charge that lays out multiple spike traps which can deny flanking routes for enemies, or damage and slow enemies who step on them.
Mozzie SASR Defenders The Pest Launcher attaches to enemy drones and can be used to control them. If the launcher misses, Mozzie can pick up the missed Pest and try again.
Nøkk SOKOM Attackers Her “HEL” functions as a digital cloaking device, hiding her from camera feeds when activated. She also has a silent step.
Warden USSS Defenders High-tech glasses allow him to cancel out the effects of flashbangs and smoke when activated.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

All players will get additional maps as soon as they are released, and new Operators will be unlockable via Renown, though at a much higher cost than the standard Operators. Season Pass owners will get early access to the new operators and will not have to spend extra money or Renown to unlock them.

Year One

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The first year contained four “seasons” of content. Each season included two new Operators, new weapons, and a new map. Additional modes and weapon skins were also included.

Released Season CTU Operators Map
Feb 2, 2016 Black Ice JTF2 [CAN]
  • Buck (Attacker)
  • Frost (Defender)
May 11, 2016 Dust Line SEALs [USA]
  • Blackbeard (Attacker)
  • Valkyrie (Defender)
Aug 7, 2016 Skull Rain BOPE [BRA]
  • Capitao (Attacker)
  • Caveira (Defender)
Nov 17, 2016 Red Crow SAT [JPN]
  • Hibana (Attacker)
  • Echo (Defender)

Year Two

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Year Two was also planned to contain four seasons of new content, similar to Year One. However, Ubisoft decided to do a “maintenance season” in Season 2, in which instead of releasing a new map and set of operators, they would do a campaign to improve regular problems, like: server issues, glitch removal, faster matchmaking and overall gameplay improvements. Even though the season’s map release was cancelled, the scheduled Operators were still released in staggered updates.

Released Season CTU Operators Map
Feb 7, 2017 Velvet Shell GEO [ESP]
  • Jackal (Attacker)
  • Mira (Defender)
June 7, 2017 Operation Health N/A N/A N/A
Aug 29, 2017 Blood Orchid SDU [HKG]


  • Ying (Attacker)
  • Lesion (Defender)
  • Ela (Defender)
Theme Park
Nov 27, 2017 White Noise GROM [POL]

707th SMB [KOR]

  • Zofia (Attacker)
  • Dokkaebi (Attacker)
  • Vigil (Defender)

Year Three

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In addition to new, HAZMAT-themed Operators, the first season of Year Three included a special time-limited, co-op PvE event called “Outbreak,” during Operation Chimera. Selected Operators must fight a hoard of zombies in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, to destroy them before their virus spreads any further.

Season Three of this year saw the Defender side getting its first shield hero in Clash, and a complete rework of the Hereford map in lieu of a new one.

Released Season CTU Operators Map
Mar 6, 2018 Chimera CBRN
  • Lion (Attacker)
  • Finka (Attacker)
Outbreak (PvE)
June 7, 2018 Para Bellum GIS [ITA]
  • Alibi (Defender)
  • Maestro (Defender)
September 4, 2018 Grim Sky GSUTR
(Delta Force, MPS)
  • Maverick (Attacker)
  • Clash (Defender)
Hereford (Rework)
December 4, 2018 Wind Bastion GIGR [MOR]
  • Nomad (Attacker)
  • Kaid (Defender)

Year Four

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In Year Four, only one new map was added (Outback), and the Road Map calls for the other seasons to rework existing maps instead.

In addition, extra background story was added in a new short film: The Hammer and the Scalpel. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, the psychological and cultural expert of the team, took over the duties of “Six” from Aurelia Arnot who left for a position within the US State Department. Ubisoft promised that similar stories would be added to expand the lore of the Rainbow Six Universe.

Year Four also sees the introduction of a Pick & Ban system to Ranked play, deployment options for attackers in Casual, a redesigned Operators screen in the main menu, and a new Ranked hub that will show players their stats and their MMR from the current and previous season.

Released Season CTU Operators Map
March 6, 2019 Burnt Horizon SASR [AUS]
  • Gridlock (Attacker)
  • Mozzie (Defender)
Phantom Sight Jægerkorpset [DEN]

Secret Service [USA]

  • Nøkk (Attacker)
  • Warden (Defender)
Kafe (Rework)
??? [PER/MEX] Kanal (Rework)
??? [KEN/IND] Theme Park (Rework)

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