Game of the Month – September 2019 – Zero Wing

Most people know this game by “All your base are belong to us”, due to a terrible English translation, which led to numerous parody videos and memes, but not many people know that Zero Wing is actually a very good and fun side-scrolling space Shoot ‘Em Up.

The game opens with the dramatic, tragic, and hilariously translated cut-scene where your mothership and crew are destroyed by the main antagonist; CATS. You manage to escape with a small ship of your own at the last minute, and vow to destroy the enemy forces, avenge the mothership and its crew, defeat CATS, and liberate planet Earth once and for all.

Gameplay is mostly your standard Shoot ‘Em Up. Shoot at enemies to make them blow up. Several powerups can be obtained, including 3 different shot types and up to 2 wingman ships that follow, and fire with the player. Additionally, your ship is equipped with a tractor beacon that can grab power-ups from a distance, or through walls, and can even grab smaller enemy ships to be used as alien shields, or to be rammed into other ships. The game features 8 levels, each with a unique boss to defeat, and a rippin’ awesome soundtrack in that unique and iconic Genesis synth.


The United Nations has issued a challenge to all pilots who dare to take on the minions of CATS. All pilots who share a screenshot of their high score will obtain a unique Discord Role; Earth’s Last Hope. The Pilot with the highest score at the end of the month will win $50 of credit for their choice of gaming platform. Second highest score will win $20 of credit for their choice of gaming platform. Check your game options are set to Normal difficulty, with 3 lives. Pilots can submit their scores as a comment on this post, a reply to our Twitter, or directly in the event’s Discord channel. Fly safe!


Download the Genesis ROM: HERE

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