Voting: Gameoverse Awards 2016

Voting for the Gameoverse Awards 2016 starts here! Be a deciding factor in The Year of Virtual Reality!

Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 009 (Winter Wonderland)

In this episode, we talk about Pokemon again, and the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event.

Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 008 (Pokemon Fun)

This episode contains spoilers for Pokemon Sun / Moon. We also talk about Final Fantasy again. We do that a lot.

Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 007 (The Infinite Gameoverse)

Well, No Man's Sky is out, and of course we have to talk about it. As well as all of the announcements and trailers that are coming out of Gamescom 2016.

Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 006 (Most Anticipated 2016)

We deliberate on our top 10 most anticipated upcoming games after E3 2016.

Gameoverse Interviews – Jason Roberts (Gorogoa)

We sat down with Jason Roberts, the creator of the upcoming puzzle game Gorogoa.

Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 005 (Hurt Me Plenty!)

Ricky gushes about DOOM for 2 hours, and a bunch of announcements are made.

Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 004 (The [Other] One)

In this episode, we talk about The One, Nintendo, boring first-person shooters, great first-person shooters, and anime.

Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 003 (Final Finally)

In this episode, we talk about Japanese Role-playing Games, incremental console hardware upgrades, and how to buy a new television.

Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 002 (Fuck the Oscars)

In this episode, we talk about a certain fighting game, expensive VR headsets, and Pokemon. Fuck the Oscars...

Podcast Gameoverse – Episode 001 (The Gameoverse Awards)

This is the first episode of Podcast Gameoverse! We announce the winners that YOU voted on for the Gameoverse Awards!

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